It Is Not Sinful To Vote For Donald Trump

I have grown weary, and very disappointed while watching professing Christians twist and pervert Scripture in order to make a case for their political candidate in this upcoming Presidential election. The display of ignorance of Scripture is absolutely astounding.
Listen folks, it is NOT a sin to vote for Donald Trump. Let’s get off our high horses for a moment and ask the ultimate, relevant question: “What does God say in His written Word to mankind?
Simple. Sin is lawlessness. I John 3:4. That word, lawlessness, is anomia and it means a violation, or transgression, of God’s Law.
Voting for Donald Trump is not a transgression of God’s Law. The guy may make you sick, but still, it’s not a sin. Neither is voting for Donald Trump an endorsement or approval of his past sins.
YOU have sinned, probably today, and if I continue to be friends with you socially, am I ‘complicit’ in your sins? Of course not. Those who say such nonsense have no Biblical grounds for holding such a position. Also, those who use I Timothy 5:22 as a reason not to vote for Trump are twisting Scripture, a Satanic tactic, or, best case scenario, simply lacking knowledge. The laying on of hands too hastily, mentioned in I Timothy 5:22 has to do with the ordination of ministers. It does NOT, in ANY way, refer to, nor can it be honestly applied to political candidates for office. That kind of thinking is eisogesis made manifest.
Here’s the bottom line, as I see it:
If you waited for a political candidate who didn’t have some disgusting, sinful act in his or her past, you’d never have a candidate to vote for, not even a third partynot even if your preferred candidate is a professing Christian.
Those who favor third-party candidates have absolutely NO chance of winning, and you’re still voting for someone who, at one time, was a vile, wicked hater of God.
If you want to throw away your vote to a third party candidate, that’s your business. But, if Hillary Clinton takes office because so many who could have stopped her at the voting booth chose not too, don’t you dare complain in the future for the continued anti-God, Christ-hating, Christianity destroying administration that America has put up with like non-patriotic sheeple for the last eight years.
You’re move. Don’t waste it. And please stop calling a vote for Trump sinful. You have no biblical basis for doing so.