The Myth of the ‘Radical’ Muslim

The mainstream media in America, and the United States government (if it can be called that at all) has hoodwinked, lied to and gone out of their way to deceive American citizens as to their true wicked intentions – the destruction of Christianity (which will never happen).

Every religion on earth, in every age since the beginning of God’s creation, has had true followers who were faithful to the founder of whatever religion that may have been. They believed – and acted – according to what their founder taught. They were the ‘true’ followers of their religion.

Every religion has fundamental beliefs.

Every fundamentalist Jew will follow the Torah. Hindus, the Vedas. Christians, the Bible. Mormons, well, pretty much anything.

But Muslims? A true Muslim will follow the Qur’an and the Hadith.

And they will follow the teachings, or, they are not true followers, but empty professors of their faith. The hypocrites, or rather, the unbelieving professors.

The American media will always give more exposure, more positive spin on television and in films, give a larger voice, to those who have most openly set their face against the God of creation, of heaven and earth.

And this is precisely why that the American media has, one after another, paraded one politician and Muslim after another before the American people, to proclaim falsely, mind you, that Islam is a religion of peace; to deny that that the very fundamentals of Islam – of being a true Muslim – REQUIRE violence against non-Muslims. Muslims have been COMMANDED to destroy property and kill the infidels, ALL non-believing Muslims.

When anyone tells you Islam is a religion of peace, they are either a politician, a professing Muslim who is a complete fake, a sham and hypocrite to their profession, or a professor of another founder who just wants to be loved and is willing to compromise for the sake of ‘peace’.

Much like professing Christians who have no intention of destroying personal, besetting sins, never battle sin at all, but love the ways of the world. In any case, we’re dealing with lost souls in need of Christ, the only way to salvation.

There’s no such thing as a ‘radicalized’ Muslim. Only a true one.

Then again, there’s no such thing as a radicalized Christian, is there?