The Modern Carpetbaggers: Where Is the Real Danger?


I’m writing this to Southern folks who still have a love of their family and heritage; while others are happily being snookered in the enemy camp. “Honor your father and your mother” the Lord God said. Some of you still have a sense of family and want to obey God. Remember it is always better to obey God than man!

Abraham Lincoln’s party is still trying to reconstruct the South. Look at the political figures in the South. Many were trained in the north, have their roots in the north or are New Englanders like the Bushes who moved south to continue the old Reconstructive policies minted 150 years ago. Barber and Graham in South Carolina and McAuliffe in Virginia to mention a few are nothing but old carpetbaggers writ large.

Why have Southern people catered to the Republican Party or the Democratic Party as far as that is concerned? Both groups hate our heritage and our God and the Bible He gave us! They keep up the old propaganda that the South fought for slavery. No one seems to pause and contemplate that 90% of Southern people during the war era did not own slaves. They personally confessed their purpose for fighting in their diaries and letters. They said they were fighting for the same rights as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, etc. and the others in the First War for Independence. But the Yankee propaganda machine has never stopped.

Will Southern folks ever wise up? “Those people” have no use for us except to vote them into office and then they do what they will against our beliefs. Sadly our people are their own worst enemies and gladly surrender their symbols as little guilt ridden stooges. There is an old Southern adage that if you play with skunks you will soon smell like one! The skunks in Virginia and South Carolina are running wild. Could they be rabid with carpetbagger intents? They are still robbing us but now it is something more precious than our confiscated tax money to support causes that repulse us, now they are seeking to remove the last vestiges that our ancestors fought for the last Christian nation in this hemisphere the Confederate States of America.

Can you imagine they feel that a flag is destructive and causes deaths? If you buy into the propaganda that the Confederate flag stands for slavery why do you fly the US flag? There was 80 plus years of slavery under that flag. Remember the Emancipation Proclamation was not issued until 1863 and then only had reference to areas that were outside the jurisdiction of Lincoln and his party.

These same people have no trouble supporting the murder of over a million babies in their mother’s wombs each year. They have no trouble supporting the lifestyle of Sodom. They have no trouble leaving our borders open to criminals and carriers of diseases. They have no trouble making it easy on Islamic terrorists. They have no trouble being soft on evil but that Confederate Flag posses a grave danger.

The Rev. Dr. Benjamin Morgan Palmer in a lecture The Tribunal of History to the Southern Historical Society in 1872 astutely remarked:

As with the individual, so it is with every corporate society. These, too, run their allotted course, with the full liberty of developing the principles on which they are based. Every false conception of government, like the flaw in cast-iron machinery, reveals itself in some terrific catastrophe when it has had time to grow warm by friction, and the usual strain presses against the weak spot. It may lie hidden long, far down amongst the principles untested as yet. But the crisis comes at length, which brings forth its unsuspected power; and with this, the crash that astounds the World.

This present culture is collapsing and what will they blame next, the flags on each hole of a golf course? Truly Jesus’ words are appropriate: “Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.”

– Ron Rumburg