How Pastors Might Avoid Lawsuits for Refusing to Marry Gays

You’re a pastor, and a gay couple comes to you and ask you to marry them. You know it’s out of the question, sinful and in your heart you refuse to do it.

Then again, you’ve read the news and it’s everywhere. Gays are suing churches left and right for refusing to marry them. In some states, the gay’s are winning. Now, the pressure is on you.

Maybe it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if, for example, the pastor put very specific requirements for marriage ceremonies within the church covenant? For example, what if pastor’s across this country specifically stated within their church covenant that only members of their local church would be able to be married by them in their respective facilities?

Now there’s an idea, and in some churches in Virginia, already in place – and working. It may give churches all the legal standing they need to avoid such an onslaught of evil, LGBT lawsuits.

Just a thought. What do you think?