My Apologies

Hi there. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

My apologies, if you think I need to make one, for not posting anything recently, or at least anything of substance.

Fact is, I’ve been gardening like a madman intent on growing more food this year on our property than ever before – ever.

It’s hard work, people.

We are in the process of expanding our normal garden (is there such a thing?) I’ve actually been working on a new garden plot, and it’s a real challenge. Removing sod, sifting soil, adding compost, etc. I started planting indoors during January, and we’ve been harvesting and enjoying the ‘cool crops’ for some time now. Lately, we’ve been rushing to get all of these summer crops in the ground which have been under grow lights and hardening off on the deck for way too long.

It’s a blessing. Lot of food going on here.

Anyway, just touching bases.

Hopefully, we’ll get back to a normal posting schedule (is there such a thing?) soon.

Happy Friday. Now, I need to go get dirty. I’ve got some Black Diamond watermelons from Hope, Arkansas that cannot wait to be planted.

God bless.