The Barronelle Stutzman Story

From Denny Burk:

I have written numerous times about the florist in Washington state who is being sued for her refusal to participate in a gay wedding. Her story in particular is really troubling. She has been happily serving gay people in her shop for years. She served one gay couple for nearly a decade and had become good friends with them. But when they asked her to participate in their wedding ceremony, she politely declined. She is a Southern Baptist Christian, and she told them that she couldn’t participate because of her relationship with Jesus.

Word of her refusal spread through social media, and the attorney general of the state of Washington sued her for breaking the state’s nondiscrimination law. On top of that, the gay couple who she had been friends with for all those years also sued her. And now the ACLU has piled on as well.

I don’t know how anyone who knows the facts of this case can have anything but sympathy for Stutzman. She loves Jesus. She loves gay people. But now the state is trying to coerce her into participating in gay weddings. If she loses, she could lose her shop and her livelihood–all of this for the crime of obeying her conscience. This is a great injustice, and I hope people will see this for what it is–persecution.

Watch her story above, and share this video with as many people as you possibly can. And pray for Barronelle. She needs it right now.