The Church Needs to Get Plastered

“The transforming power of expository preaching may not appear immediately. As a rule it takes time for good seed to result in a bountiful harvest. Over in New Jersey Benjamin Franklin used to plead with farmer friends to put lime on their land, so as to raise larger crops. When he found that they did not respond, he secured permission to try an experiment. Beside a public highway he chose a certain meadow. On it here and there he sprinkled plaster, which is powdered lime. After a while, because of sunshine and rain, everyone who passed that way could read in richer and fuller growth of grass the following inscription: “This Land Has Been Plastered.”

If the pastor becomes an expository preacher, worthy of the highest traditions, the congregation will benefit in ways beyond number.”

– A.W. Blackwood

Our local churches need to get “plastered” with expository preaching of God’s Word – every book! While God never promises that we shall see the fruit of our labors, He most certainly promises that His Word will not return to Him void. Regardless of the visible results or lack thereof within the congregation, our prayerful efforts in the exposition of God’s Word, to His glory, are never in vain.