Placating the Religious Heathen Will Result in Greater Christian Persecution


Pope Gregory’s correspondence with Augustine, as reported in Bede’s History of the English Church and People, provides us with a classic example of those who profess to represent the Christian faith, but who’s understanding of the Covenant of Grace and redemption go far astray. Augustine asks a series of questions of the Pope, one of which had to do with the heathen temples and what to do with regard to them. The Pope writes to answer Augustine:

“We have come to the conclusion that the temples of idols…should in no account be destroyed. He is to destroy the idols, but the temples themselves are to be aspersed with Holy Water, altars set up and relics enclosed in them…In this way, we hope that the people will abandon idolatry…and resort to these places as before…and since they have a custom of sacrificing many oxen to the devils, let some other solemnity be substituted in its place…They are no longer to sacrifice beasts to devils but they may kill them for food to the praise of God…If the people are allowed some worldly pleasures…they will come more readily to desire the joys of the spirit. For it is impossible to eradicate all errors from obstinate minds at a stroke; and whoever wishes to climb to a mountain top climbs step by step” (pp. 86, 87).

The Pope alluding to the Old Testament declares that this is the way God treated the Israelites who were delivered from Egypt. In truth, all you have is a culmination of false teaching. False teaching that does little more than placate unregenerate heathen. Holding to baptismal regeneration, a thing never found in all the Bible, Old or New testaments, for salvation, the Pope teaches a pure doctrine of works, never a matter of grace.

The tragedy is that the same heresies of the Catholics then, are now being practiced by numerous denominations who also profess the Christian faith, but depart from the teaching of Him who is the Author and Finisher of the faith. The present modus operandi of the majority of mainline denominations is to placate the heathen in order to keep up the front of enduring; keeping the doors open for what can only be described as a dying breed. They are now willing to go the distance with the heathen and their practices. They are not willing to come out of the closet and in effect to deny the faith passed on from Christ and His Apostles.

Warm bodies, perverts, who are readily condemned in the Scripture, in the whole of the Bible, are now accepted not only for membership and financial support, but for leadership roles in the ministry of the body. No conversion to holiness of life is necessary. Just submit to a ritual; say you believe and you’re not only in but in control of the souls of those who come under the influence of such a ministry.

Modern evangelical practice by these mainline denominations are practicing the same deceptive approach to reaching the masses of heathen as the ancient Catholics: Let them engage in a little worldly pleasure and they will more readily submit to the authority and leadership of the body. Let the homosexuals, the feminists, the anarchists, the unregenerate, hold on to the pleasures of this worldly order. Live with the hope that they will evolve into real Christians in time. Real conversion, radical change, is an evolutionary process according to this mentality. Don’t press the issue of truth. Don’t preach the pure Gospel of Jesus as the Christ. Don’t dare declare the necessity of obedience to His commands. Placate them for a while so they can move slowly into the belief and practice of real Christians.

Norman Davies, in his History of Europe, referring to the Catholic church in the matter of the birth of Europe, says: “generally speaking the church was successful in its evangelical mission because it managed to appeal to the bardian outlook. It was able to convince its converts that only through baptism could one become a part of the civilized order.”  The Catholic church merely substituted Catholic idols for idols of the heathen. Relics of their own became the objects of worship and veneration.

This contamination found in the birth of Europe has now spread to the U.S. and with an intensity that threatens the very foundations of truth and lawfulness as is true in Biblical Christianity. Except there is a great change, and soon, the real body of Christians may well be the objects of greater persecution than America has ever known by the religious bodies posing as Christian. This, plus secular humanism, which is the modus of the Democratic party and its supporters, provides the threat to this nations survival as a Republic. Already, this cancer has the support of the heathen and godless leadership in our nation. Seldom, if ever, has there been a time when there was a greater need for those truly in Christ to declare by word and practice that which is truly Christian. The need of the hour is not to placate the heathen but to promote the pure Gospel of Jesus as the Christ as the only hope for knowing God and redemption from the power of sin and Hell.