Tim Keller, The Gospel Coalition and the Promotion of Roman Catholic Mysticism


Take pride in being “reformed”? Be careful my friends. New Calvinism is not Calvinism. It may usurp the terms and lingo, but it is not the same thing. New Calvinism is nothing less than a Roman Catholic theological carjacking by the Devil.

Tim Keller, and many other new Calvinists, are not truly reformed, Calvinistic theologians who proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. They are teachers and practitioners of Roman Catholic mysticism.

Pastor Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, and thus the Gospel Coalition, teaches the ways and methods of Roman Catholic mysticism, with particular reference to the sixteenth century Spanish mystic, St Teresa of Avila, of Luis de Granada, a Dominican priest, and the spiritual theology of Jordan Aumann and finally, the mystical beliefs and practices of Richard Foster, the founder of Renovare and author of The Celebration of Discipline. Dr Keller whole-heartedly endorses Foster’s spiritual mysticism and the practice of contemplative prayer, a Roman Catholic, and anti-biblical practice.

Part 1: Tim Keller and St. Teresa of Avila

Part 2: Tim Keller and Luis de Granada

Part 3: Tim Keller and Richard Foster