Where Have All the Patriots Gone?


Edmund Burke, reflecting on the French Revolution, said, “To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely.”

There is a twin responsibility that encompasses a great and noble nation. It may be summed up in the powers that be and the people. Responsibility rest on the whole to the exclusion of neither. Thus, in viewing our nation in light of history and its present state of being, I am compelled to cry out, “Where have all the patriots gone?” Where are the great pioneers who fought for a nation under God? Where is the modern Patrick Henry, the Nathan Hale, who would cry out as they once did: “Give me liberty or give me death”; “I regret that I have but one life to live for my country!”?

I look for them in vain. I pray for them, yet they do not appear. I yearn for them to rise up and ride to the rescue of a nation facing the certain judgment of God. A certainty, if the history of nations gives any clue, and I believe it does. I look for them in government and I find few and they seem helpless to rise up to the demands of the time. Where do we have leaders who cry out with the likes of John Adams: “The die was cast; I had passed the Rubicon. Swim or sink, live or die, survive or perish with my country was my unalterable determination.” What was declared out of love for the country is now the cry of men in power as regards their party. I look in vain for the patriot in government whose concern is for the Republic under the Constitution as set forth by the founders. The present concern is that of maintaining power and control over the people and all the resources of the land.

I look to the White House. I find only patriots for an evil cause; the destruction of freedom for the people and the enslavement of yet more masses of humanity. All under the dream of power-mad souls; humanists who have casts aside, as best they can, by illegal laws dreamt up by evil lawyers, all the things that promote true freedom and the possibility of happiness for the people. I look to the White House for justice and find justice nowhere to be found. I look to the enforcer of the Constitutional law to find only the enforcer of the will of those in power, not the Law.

I look to the Congress. Sometimes I hear echoes of our founders, but not with the will that presses the issue beyond rhetoric. There was a faint glimmer of hope that rose up but it was quickly crushed to the earth by those whose allegiance to party and power, over and above truth, righteousness and the good of the nation, which comes first.

I look in vain to the Judiciary for the patriots who will rise up and once again be bound to the Law of the Land rather than be controlled by the shifting opinions of men in power for the sake of their power and to the detriment of the nation. There too, a glimmer of hope, but yet no so much as will save the nation, unless a new boldness rises up to offset the party spirit and the socialist ideology that dominates our government.

All of these agencies are bound by party spirit and by the massive parasites, bureaucrats and those who seek favorable treatment to the detriment of the nation and its well-being under God. Self-interest is the god now worshipped in our government at all levels. Keep the job, keep the power, at all costs, the nation be hanged. It is this short-sightedness that is destroying the soul and heart of the nation. These bleeders will drain the last drop of hope from the Republic like vampires to their own death. With them is the death of their host.

I look to the powers that be in the Media. I find little, if any, hope there. They are but the propaganda machines that support those whose power strangulates the breath of freedom from the soul of the nation. Only the underground press and a few brave souls, some now under attack by government for standing in opposition to the powers that be; these few who now have the greater interest of the nation, give a glimmer of hope.

I look to the institutions of education, once a bastion promoting truth and the well-being of the nation, but now turned agents of destruction for the sake of the privilege of sharing the power of the patriots of evil. They, like those who have the civil and political power, hate the one source of freedom and happiness yet open to the people – that of true Christianity, the hope of the Old Testament saints and the gift of the New, to the redemption of the soul and the liberty of mankind who would embrace Him who brought it to pass.

I look to the leaders of the military, but so far, in vain. They too are under the control of those in the seat of power in Washington. Of their leaders self-interest and promotion to positions of power in their world, is more important than the Republic and the Constitution that they swore before God to defend and protect. They stand aside, self-castrated, while the enemies of the nation, under whose jurisdiction they live but whose patriotism stands opposed to the Republic, press the destruction of this once-great nation.

The great emancipator’s dream has now come to pass. The enslavement of the masses has come to be. The few now rule with an iron hand. There is no justice in the land. Righteousness is suppressed as the enemy of the people when in reality it is but the enemy of the few in power, but the hope of the nation.

So, I cry for true patriots to rise up for the sake of the nation. The Patriot’s Password, by Montgomery yet remains: “Marshall’d once more, at freedom’s call – They come to conquer or to fall.”

Let the true patriots of this land rise up and reclaim the freedom given by the grace of God, through the Republic under God first, and Constitution second. Let them come from all over the land to save the land given. If it is a Constitutional government “of the people, for the people and by the people” then, let it be so – under God.

If the patriots of liberty are few, there should be no problem. Margaret Mead, the anthropologist, echoes the truth set forth in the selection of the Apostles of our Lord in these words: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

In this, there is hope.