A Challenge to Military Supporters

I’ve had enough folks. This may – may – be my last comment on the subject.

First, know this:

I support everyone who is serving, or has served,  in the military. I do not hate, nor am I against, those who serve in the military of the United States. I recognize your decision to serve in the military, and give you kudos.

I have one, simple question, and I dare you to answer it.

If you, while you were serving, in a foreign country, which of my freedoms did you, or are you, protect or protecting?

Did you protect me from my own federal government trying to rob me of my many liberties and freedoms as an American? Which one, specifically?

Do you now, since you took an oath to uphold the Constitution, protect me from anyone usurping the Presidency of our nation as a foreigner?

My freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Which one did you protect and fight for while in a foreign country which you had no business being in while your own people suffered under a tyrannical government?


And you want me to honor you because you volunteered to serve of your own free volition the United States of America in a foreign land while your own people suffered? For what? Because “my country called”? Seriously? What did they call for? They called for you to obey without thinking about the Constitution?

If you volunteered to serve, good for you. You got what you wanted, but do not pretend that you served for your country and the Constitution while your country was being taken over by socialist idiots who wanted nothing more than gain and profit by fighting abroad, all under the guise of patriotism.

If you served in the military, and you expect America to honor you knowing this, I do not feel sorry for you. You chose to serve. Maybe you chose to serve because of the financial benefits. Maybe you served because you could get an education out of time served. Maybe, and maybe other reasons. Who knows.

You may have served thinking you were serving your country.

But don’t you dare tell me you fought for America.

Don’t you dare tell me you served for the sake of America.

Don’t you dare tell me that you served to protect the Constitution.

Don’t you dare tell me you served to protect America as a Republic confederation.

Don’t you dare tell me you served in the military because you wanted to preserve the intentions of the founding fathers of this once great nation.

You didn’t, because you never lifted a finger against those who violated the Constitution at home.

You served, most likely, because you personally got something for it, other than honor, and preservation of liberty and freedom for all Americans.

You profited, at the expense of me, and I’m not happy about it.