The Responsibility of Blogging

2013 is coming to a fast closure, and as it does, I am reminded of one over-arching truth that has truly hit home with me.

Preaching in front of 50, who come to hear and be taught from the Word of God is a fearful task and a heavy responsibility not to be taken lightly.

So what is writing an article where tens of thousands are your audience?

I think preachers who blog should stop, take a deep breath, and consider the responsibility that the internet has provided us.

Whether you lead a mega-church, a small fellowship, or something in-between, if you blog, your accountability has grown exponentially.

Brethren, as we close out this year of 2013, may we all be reminded that souls are at stake. We who are ministers will be held accountable for the truths –  and falsehoods –  that we teach, and God is watching.

Happy new year to all, and God bless.

– Joel