Why Serving in the Military Does Not Make You A ‘Hero’


[Before you read any further, please understand, I am not against serving in the military at all!]

Over the holidays I had brief discussions with some who served in the military for a number of years and are now collecting their pensions and benefits for their service. During every discussion, politics came up, as did the current issues of veteran services being cut or done away with altogether by our current administration in Washington.

In one instance, a remark came when the discussion turned to veteran benefits and went something like this: “As a veteran, I figure I earned it. I deserve it for my time put in.”

In a completely different conversation with a woman whose husband is a veteran, I was told that “anyone serving in the military is a hero and deserves honor and every benefit they have coming to them.”

In the latter conversation, I politely asked, “Why?” “Why are they heroes?”

She answered, “Because they are there [in Afghanistan]. They are serving our country and protecting our freedoms.”

In the first conversation, the emphatic communication and belief to me was one of entitlement. I served, therefore I deserve. In the second conversation, it was the pure fantasy that serving in the American military in a foreign land protects freedoms and liberties at home in America.

In both cases, serving in the military alone, was deserving of respect, honor, and entitlements. In both cases, God’s Word was never brought into the equation by those professing to be Christian and to whom I was speaking. Neither was the Constitution. Just good old, American traditional ignorance.

The truth is, giving your time in the military doesn’t make you a hero anymore than giving your time to the Church makes you a Christian.

Think about it. I have often challenged people to name one – just one – liberty that is being protected by our military being in Afghanistan. It can’t be done. And saying “all of them!” doesn’t cut it. Name one American liberty or freedom specifically being protected by the military in Afghanistan. You can’t do it because the very thought is illogical and invalid. But, that’s beside the point. The point here is that serving in the military doesn’t automatically make you a hero.

For example, Ft. Bragg recently held a same-sex marriage ceremony for two homosexuals serving in the American military. Watch the video.

Are these males (I refuse to call them men) heroes? No. Why should they be? Did they perform an heroic act during battle? Have either of them defended the liberties and freedoms of Americans in a specific instance? I doubt it. I do not doubt that they have spent time in the military, but I more than doubt they are heroes worthy of respect and honor.

Listen brethren. Those serving in the military took an oath to defend the Constitution, and enemies of it both foreign and domestic.

But they aren’t defending the Constitution, much less the American people.

The government here at home in America is already socialist under the Obama administration, and diving towards communism. Our military does nothing about it. They are not heroes. No one serving in the military is a hero, while in foreign countries ignoring the assault on our Constitution at home, while the American people suffer at the whims of a corrupt White House.

Those who serve in the military are not heroes who do as they are told, knowing they took an oath to preserve and protect the Constitution, while obeying socialist leaders supporting those who crave obama phones more than liberty. All the while, they refuse to protect the American people at home by stopping a corrupt government. They won’t do that. The military will not oppose the white house, even though it is their sworn duty to do so when the Constitution is under attack, and it is.

People, if you voluntarily joined and you spent 20 years or whatever in serving the military in physical therapy service, rehabilitating those who actually saw battle – you are most definitely not a hero. You volunteered your time. Get over it. Live with it. You chose to do that. You are not entitled to be like slothful negroes craving an obama phone.

Don’t you dare tell me all American men and women who serve in the military are heroes. Don’t be ignorant.

Watch that video above again and be reminded of this: Homosexuality is an abomination before God. To be an abomination is to be a reprobate before God. There is no stronger language in the Bible. When God reprobates a man or woman, He lets them go, to be as wicked as they desire, and He does so because He intends to give them the full measure of His punishment. For God to reprobate a man or woman is to loathe and despise them.

That’s not a hero.

And yet, Americans will declare them heroes and deserving of entitlements for the simple-minded reason that “they served their country.” That is a foolish, unbiblical thought.

Homosexuality, whether in the military or not, is wicked. The wicked will not see heaven. They will be damned eternally.

Are we to honor and respect a homosexual serving in the American military? How can we envy the wicked when everything they have been given is part of a curse? How can we as Christians complain when all that we have been given is a blessing? When we envy the wicked, we charge God with incompetence, as if He knows no better, as if God does not have our best interest at heart.

Yet because they serve in the military, far too many Christians forget the Word of God and still call those in military service “heroes” entitled to honor, admiration and financial benefits.

Shame on you, and may God open your eyes.