Joel Taylor Responds to James White, Ivey Conerly, Voddie Baucham and Shai Linne

Dr. James White hosted a special Dividing Line with guest Voddie Baucham, Shai Linne, and Ivey Conerly. The purpose of the online discussion was to discuss the controversy about Reformed Rap and ‘holy’ hip-hop, specifically after a reformed panel discussion on the worship of God.

The following videos are quite interesting. First up, a personal video by Ivey Conerly to myself in response to a twitter exchange we had online. Please note that it was a mere twitter exchange, not an ‘interview’ as was implicated by Mr. Conerly.

In the Dividing line episode, Ivey Conerly quotes me (or attempts to anyway) from one of my posts entitled “Lyrics – The Worst Argument for Contemporary Music”. Here’s the actual quote:

I have often been asked, “But did you read the lyrics? They’re doctrinally sound and biblically solid!”Indeed. Lyrics of contemporary ‘worship’ music may in fact be doctrinally sound, yet if they violate Jesus’ prescription of the nature of true worship, in spirit and truth, they are nothing more than a devils masquerade. Sadly, young professing Christians have made contemporary worship music their god. They will defend it at all costs because they love it more than Christ. The doctrinal soundness of lyrics may be the greatest deception in today’s ‘worship’ music. It is, without question, the worst excuse for its support.

Here is the broadcast of James White on the subject:

So then, here are the videos and the arguments for the beneficial use of ‘holy’ hip-hop and/or rap. In response to these videos, I’ve said nothing, at this point. But I will.

Watch them, because, Lord willing, I will respond to each and every one of them – specifically.

I will respond to James White, Iv Conerly, Shai Linne, Voddie Baucham separately and, I pray, to God’s glory.

This post is not it. But it is coming, and soon.