The Police Power of Every Citizen


Todd Friel is SO wrong.

Todd Friel of Wretched fame sends the message to Christian viewers that, in the case of witnessing or being a victim of the “knockout game” that, in the case of witnessing, help the victim first (yes, that’s good, righteous), and secondly – “call the authorities to deal with the thugs.”

He goes on to say in his video that he doesn’t think Christians are called to “be the vigilante” or “be the one who enforces or imposes justice”.

Todd Friel couldn’t be more wrong and unbiblical in his advice.

The Scriptures are clear….but, watch the video first. Then we’ll talk Bible.

Ok. listen brethren. There’s man’s law and there’s God’s law. God’s law, His instructions to His people, trump everything and everyone. Surely, you’ll agree with that.

So what should we do if we witness the knockout game? Or, heaven forbid, are a victim of the same? Todd Friel erroneously thinks that it’s not the job of the Christian to “act as the law, that’s the governments job.” The governments job? Seriously?

God save us from this unbiblical, ungodly advice from popular new calvinistic spew.

You are a Christian, and here’s your instruction:

Exo 20:13  “You shall not murder.

You shall not commit murder has an opposite side to the coin in God’s Word, taught throughout. Preservation of life and well-being.

Listen. If you refuse to participate before or during a criminal activity which may prevent injury, assault or murder, then you are partially guilty of the offense. Offense against God and His Law. Silence of one sin, is two sins.

You’re a Christian. You see a crime about to be, or in progress? Do something.

Before God, you are the police.

God’s law is not private, nor has it been delivered to an elite force with the goal of protecting society. You are the police.

Todd Friel teaches you to call a clean up crew, after the crime, when it’s too late to protect the innocent.

God calls you to stop it – period.

Again, arm yourselves, with a gun and with the knowledge of God. If you see a crime like this in progress, stop it.

John Calvin has spoken on the matter:

Besides, another principle is also to be remembered, that in negative precepts, as they are called, the opposite affirmation is also to be understood; else it would not be by any means consistent, that a person would satisfy God’s Law by merely abstaining from doing injury to others. Suppose, for example, that one of a cowardly disposition, and not daring to assail even a child, should not move a finger to injure his neighbors, would he therefore have discharged the duties of humanity as regards the Sixth Commandment? Nay, natural common sense demands more than that we should abstain from wrong doing. And, not to say more on this point, it will plainly appear from the summary of the Second Table, that God not only forbids us to be murderers, but also prescribes that every one should study faithfully to defend the life of his neighbor, and practically to declare that it is dear to him; for in that summary no mere negative phrase is used, but the words expressly set forth that our neighbors are to be loved. (Commentaries on the Four Last Books of Moses).

My advice. If you are armed, and you see a crime of any kind in progress, do what you can before God and man to prevent harm to the life and limb of another. That is your duty before God.

If you are not armed, become so.