Reformed Hip-Hop and the Militancy of the Church

The glory of the Church while on this earth is due to its militancy against doctrinal error and worldliness, and the true visible Church is glorious in this aspect, make no mistake.

It is the false churches, made of professing Christians who court the world like a lover who encourage the true Church to follow along and not draw such hard lines; to compromise a stand in the name of a false peace and false unity.

Doctrinal error is sin. Yet the visible church is full of Pilates who are asking “What is truth?” when it comes to the reformed hip-hop discussion. Specifically, where the discussion of the worship of God is concerned, there are sadly many Christians who love reformed hip-hop so much – and for a variety of reasons, often because acceptance of it makes one more popular with those promoting it.

It is sad indeed, especially among young people who call themselves Calvinists, when in reality, they are not, but rather New Calvinists. Then again, such foolish evangelical pacifism and disregard for doctrinal purity is not limited to the young, immature and reformed, so-called. No, middle-aged men, Christian leaders no less and who should know better, are also acting foolishly, promoting a worship of God through worldly music and behavior – again, popularity and following of others seems to be the prominent enticement.

Brethren, the Church needs to be reminded that it is to be militant, not pacifistic in regards to the Bible’s teaching on the worship of God. We do not need to draw hard lines because they have been drawn for us in Scripture. We do and must have a fighting disposition when it comes to doctrinal purity within the visible Church. Doctrine matters, yet the New Calvinists push for the acceptance of reformed hip-hop and also what has become known as contemporary Christian music, is one of compromise and disregard of God’s requirements of how He is to be worshipped and is an embracing of worldliness.

Please, do not speak to me about how important the lyrics are. That is the saddest and worst argument that can be made. Lyrics may be doctrinally sound, but if the presentation of them violate Jesus’ prescription of the nature of true worship, in spirit and truth, they are nothing more than a devils masquerade. Sadly, young professing Christians have made contemporary worship music their god. They will defend it at all costs because they love it more than Christ. The doctrinal soundness of lyrics may be the greatest deception in today’s ‘worship’ music. It is, without question, the worst excuse for its support.

No wonder the world does not hate the Church. The Church is mimicking the world all in the name of missions and Gospel-centeredness; recommending worldly behavior even for family worship!!  This is the height of false piety.

And God hates it with a perfect hatred because it is worldly.

God has communicated clearly. He did not stutter when He gave us His holy Word, and His Word says clearly that the holy and the profane should remain separate.

It’s not just reformed hip-hop, or reformed rap that is wrong here. It is all forms of contemporary worship music when it violates Biblical principles of how God is to be worshipped, all clearly laid out in Scripture.

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh. For the flesh sets its desire against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; for these are in opposition to one another, so that you may not do the things that you please. – Galatians 5:16, 17

What is the spirit in which we are to worship our Creator? Is it not one of reverence, at least? Indeed.

Hip-hop, rap, contemporary worship music are not reverent at all, but appeal to the flesh.

Brethren, we have neither the right, nor the authority to determine how God is worshipped, and if you think for a moment that reformed hip-hop is acceptable unto God, you are not only deceived, but, if you promote it by encouraging others to use and listen to it in the name of ministry, you are deceiving as well.