Dispelling Rumors

In my almost 5 years of blogging (has it been that long?) I’ve seen a lot. Much of it disturbing, but, there has also been much that has encouraged me. It’s a mixed bag.

In those years, I’ve been made aware of many a rumor regarding myself, beliefs or my church fellowship. Most of them have been quite entertaining, and false. Others, close to the mark, but still untrue. It is interesting how folks often make assumptions, presuppositions, etc, and draw conclusions without actually knowing diddly. And I do mean diddly.

So why not add to the menu a place where those who’ve been mislead can actually go to get the actual facts? Seems logical, so here it is. I’ll start with just a few facts and will add to as necessary, or as my mind recalls, just so you don’t swallow every tidbit you hear from the so many clowns out there in the virtual world we know as ‘the internet’. You will find these, and more as they are added, under the main menu of 5ptsalt.com.

  • No, I’m not a landmark Baptist, and James White was exceedingly in error when he broadcast that little falsehood.
  • I am a historical Baptist, and yes, that means technically, I am not a protestant, since we did not come out of the ‘Reformation’.
  • No, I do not hate John MacArthur. That would be un-Christian.
  • Yes, I DO hate dispensationalism, and all other heresies which rail against God’s Word.
  • Yes, I do believe that New Calvinism is one of the greatest threats to the Church today.
  • Yes, I believe TGC, aka the Gospel Coalition is corrupt with false theology, political correctness and compromisers of every shade. The New Calvinism theology and ecumenical mindset of this organization is leading many on a march to Rome.
  • Yes, I love the way actual books smell.
  • Yes, I absolutely hate mayonnaise. It’s evil.
  • Yes, I know Paul Washer, he’s a nice guy.
  • No, I have no idea how much John MacArthur makes, nor do I care.
  • Yes, I think John MacArthur is a heretic. He teaches men may be saved after Christ comes again.
  • Yes, I hate political correctness in the SBC. Cowards and pansies.
  • Yes, I am an amillennialist.
  • Yes, I think contemporary worship services are an abomination before God.
  • Yes, I believe those who forsake the local fellowship of the church are antichrist, opposing God’s authority, discipline and fellowship of God people.
  • Yes, I do very much appreciate R.J. Rushdooney. If you ignore him, you fail to learn what is most necessary today: Love for the Law of God. See Psalm 119.
  • No, I am not ‘pro-slavery’.

More to come….