Al Mohler Madness: Mingling with Mormons


From Ralph Ovadal:

Dear Friends,

I am providing here a link to an article which was posted at Deseret News October 21, 2013. It is a report of Dr. Albert Mohler’s relationship with LDS officials and his recent speaking engagement at the Mormon Brigham Young University. I believe in civil and religious liberty. I believe Christians should stand against the persecution of anyone. But Al Mohler is playing right into the hands of the devil when he cultivates friendships with LDS officials, speaks of respect for them, and gives speeches at BYU when the word of God forbids it, for instance: James 4:4; 2 Cor. 6:14-17; Eph. 5:11. The Mormons are thrilled to have this very influential evangelical desensitize other evangelicals to the utter wickedness of Mormonism, regardless of any statements he makes about differences in doctrine. Mohler’s actions empty his mild clarification of credibility and effect. So, the LDS officials, and the devil, give such statements from their good friend a wink and a nod, knowing the greater good which is being accomplished for Mormonism and the corruption of evangelicals. I mean, the LDS newspaper Deseret even includes his quotes in its story! Say, Al, I would just mention here that the Scriptures nowhere tell ministers to have fellowship with and cultivate working friendships with the leaders of false religions masquerading as Christian. No, quite the opposite is true.

By the way, the organization Standing Together exists for the purpose of breaking down walls between the LDS and Christianity. So, thanks, Al. Thanks for this. Thanks also for signing the Manhattan Declaration. Thanks for muddying the waters concerning the sin of homosexuality . . . and so forth. I suppose a big thank-you is also due to Dr. John MacArthur who is once again having his dear friend Al Mohler, along with other New Calvinists such as Mark Dever, speak at the 2014 Shepherds’ Conference. Oh, the wretched irony but growing commonplace nature of it! Unfaithful shepherds preaching at “The Shepherds’ Conference”!

Ralph Ovadal