The Christian Amish


In recent weeks, my family returned from the outer lying areas of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We go there a few times each year to relax, and to get away from whatever pseudo-ruts into which we may have fallen. It is always a joyous time for me. In a sense we reconnect to what is truly important regarding family and friendship, love, and worship.

We have become somewhat good friends over the years with the old order Amish and Mennonites. Closer to some than others, yet our time among them has not been in vain. We have, by God’s grace, developed friendships that I see every indication of lasting far beyond the immediate.

Every time we return from such a visit, I am filled with ideas, all of them warm, fuzzy-heart felt, educated ones, and a greater overall appreciation and love for those who call themselves Amish.

My family has been privileged to be invited into some homes, and to become more familiar and intimate with the Amish way of life. With a few families, we have become close friends.

It’s not all that you may presume it to be. But I can tell you that what we have seen and experienced has been wonderful. I wish I could share many of the experiences we have had with all of you, but I cannot remember them all. I may, in the near future, post some of our more recent adventures among the Amish. It may be of value to you. So many believe that all Amish are unbelievers. If you think that, your ignorance is showing. It is simply not true. The video of this family below is an example of what my family has discovered.

I encourage all who are interested to watch this video of an Amish family who dared to be baptized into the Christian faith, and call themselves “Christian.” Watch it through to the ending – you will have greater appreciation of the Christian faith, I am sure.