Dr. Russell Moore. Busted.

From Peter Lumpkins:

Russell Moore – Claims WSJ headline on his article ‘awfully misleading’

Russell Moore, Southern Baptists’ newest president at its commission on ethics and religious liberty, indicates on a C-Span interview that the Wall Street Journal got his interview totally backwards—“The headline has missing a word,” a word right before “pullback.” The word is not. Thus we should not pullback from politics as the WSJ journalist Neil King indicates in his piece in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Evangelical Leader Preaches Pullback from Politics, Culture Wars.” Moore earlier indicated on his blog that King’s headline was “awfully misleading” and in effect said something just the opposite of what he actually embraces.

But what are we to make of the complete absence of complaint about the so-called “awfully misleading” headline from either Moore or Moore’s closest comrades immediately after WSJ released the article on Moore?


Baptist Press wrote “WSJ Profile’s Moore’s convictional kindness” describing the article on Moore in terms without indicating the slightest reservation that WSJ missed Moore’s meaning.

Denny Burk spoke glowingly of the WSJ piece in “Wall Street Journal profiles Russell Moore” and even suggested “I think you can expect to see more profiles like this one going forward. Read the rest here.”

What is more, Al Mohler tweeted a positive affirmation of the WSJ article on Moore indicating the WSJ represents a “clear sign” of Moore’s stature in his new role…

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