Signs You May Be In A New Calvinist ‘Church’

New Calvinism is not Calvinism.

New Calvinism is a cancer within the church body. Here are just a few signs that one may be involved in a new calvinist organization.

1. Casual dress is encouraged (including acceptance of pajamas, sandals and slippers.)

2. Hymn books are not used in preference to big screens showing the lyrics.

3. Contemporary music, with repetitive choruses, is preferred over traditional hymns. Hip-hop music is an acceptable form of worship.

4. The “praise and worship” segment takes precedence over time given to actual preaching of God’s Word.

5. The use of church bulletins is spoken against.

6. Prayer time is accompanied by charismatic activity (falling out of chairs, lying prostrate on the floor, hearing utterances like “Oh, God” “Come down Holy Spirit”, etc.)

7. Men are allowed to preach and teach without having been set apart by any church.

8. Missionary activity is over-emphasized.

9. Puritan writings are praised while limited atonement is controversial (and sometimes outright rejected and spoken against.)

10. Prayer and faith is the standard of holiness, not biblical obedience, i.e. George Mueller.

11. Reformation history and talk is prominent, while disregarding the errors of the Reformers themselves.

12. The place where you worship does not claim to be affiliated with any known denomination.

13. It is taught that the Gospel is everything for Christians, and imperatives of the Scriptures may be disregarded when it comes to sanctification. It is taught that Jesus is not only your sanctification, but that He has obeyed all commands for you, therefore you don’t have to after regeneration. This is antinomianism.

14. The doctrines of Justification and sanctification are spoken of as being the same thing.