The Ecumenical Pansy-ism of Dr. Russell Moore


You can tell a lot about someone’s theology and tendency to pander or be politically correct by reading what they write about.

I do not say that in a pejorative way. Well, it’s true, I fail to appreciate (read “can’t stand” ) being ‘PC’ and pandering is not one of my strong points.

When it comes to doctrine, however, I tend to be a real stickler. A Christian must be, and necessarily so. Christianity is more than just a way of life, it’s doctrine, and doctrine matters. It matters so much, that indifference to it in favor of being religiously popular or climbing some spiritual fan ladder is just downright unbiblical, which brings me to the point at hand.

Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), has written recently regarding the current pontiff in Rome, specifically, in a post entitled Some Thoughts on Pope Francis.

I do not fault anyone for having thoughts on the pope. I have some myself – “antichrist”, “heretic”, “bad dresser” to name just a few. But I digress.

In Moore’s post, he makes the following comments:

First of all, I am a Protestant so, of course, I do not accept the church’s claims about the papal chair as Vicar of Christ. But though I protest; I don’t throw rocks (no Petrine pun intended). My mother’s side of the family was and is Roman Catholic, and some of the most significant influences in my life personally and intellectually are Roman Catholics.

Second, I don’t dislike Pope Francis. I think he is quite right about the primacy of the gospel over culture wars. In my much smaller pool and from my much smaller perch, I’ve tried to say that outrage itself isn’t a Christian virtue. Our mission ought to be toward reconciliation, not the vaporization of our perceived enemies.


If Pope Francis wishes to reclaim the primacy of the gospel, he must simultaneously speak with kindness to those outside of its reach and speak of the need for good news.

From this, I gather a few noteworthy things which I believe speak volumes. They are conclusions about Moore’s ecumenical sensibilities, that is, his theological pansiness (you know, pansy, defined sometimes as a large-flowered garden plant derived chiefly from the wild pansy of Europe and having velvety petals of various colors, but let’s not go there. It’s also defined as a timid man or boy considered childish or unassertive).

Back to the conclusions.

I derive from Dr. Moore’s comments the following:

  1. He is Protestant, but will not protest (“I don’t throw rocks.”)
  2. Some of the most significant influences in his life, personally and intellectually, are Roman Catholic. Think doctrine.
  3. Moore thinks the Pope knows the Gospel (“I think he is quite right about the primacy of the gospel over culture wars.”)
  4. Moore believes outrage is not a Christian virtue.
  5. Moore desires reconciliation with the Roman ‘church’ (“Our mission ought to be toward reconciliation, not the vaporization of our perceived enemies”).
  6. Moore sees the Roman Catholic church as Christian (“If Pope Francis wishes to reclaim the primacy of the gospel, he must simultaneously speak with kindness to those outside of its reach and speak of the need for good news.”

Look, I’m concerned about the purity of the Church – not the one in Rome, the real one.

There are many leaders who are heavily influencing the Southern Baptist Convention who are, let’s face it, politically correct, celebrity-driven, flat-dab doctrinally non-protesting, ecumenical milksops. The driving force in their religious activity is not concern for the purity of doctrine within the body of Christ. It is ecumenical pansy-ness. Unassertive, bend-over backwards-to-not-offend-anyone “Christianity.”

And it almost makes me physically ill sometimes.

By not throwing rocks at false doctrine, we are not demonstrating Christian love towards those who are deceived and being deceived by the cult of Rome. We demonstrate indifference and compromise regarding the truth of God’s Word. Jesus threw rocks. Remember “You brood of vipers!”, et al? If you will not proclaim the cult of Rome as anti-christian and heretical, one has no business calling themselves Protestant, much less, should one be a ‘leader’ within the SBC.

The Pope knows nothing about the Gospel, or, if he does, he opposes it so much that he retains his blasphemous position as “vicar of Christ.” Please, the Pope is not “quite right” about the Gospel in any sense.

Outrage is a Christian virtue. If you do not hate falsehood, indeed, if you are not outraged by the false teachings and the doctrinal indifference so permeating local churches regarding the worship of our Creator, then what, may I ask, is the true condition of your heart before God Almighty? Where is your visible, demonstrative love of the truth of God?

Moreover, where in all of Scripture, are God’s people taught to seek reconciliation with those who blaspheme God by proclaiming a false gospel as the cult of Rome has done for centuries? Do you desire to be reconciled to the church (so-called) of Rome? Be gone then, and good riddance.

Dr. Moore, the Pope cannot reclaim what was never his to begin with. He cannot “reclaim the primacy of the Gospel” for the Pope has never known it, much less would he recognize it, or he would remove himself from the world’s largest, most damning cult in the history of mankind.

Dr. Moore concludes with this statement:

I’m in no position to advise the Bishop of Rome, but I hope we’ll see a fuller-orbed message from him. I’m with Pope Francis on the need for kindness, but I pray it will be a convictional kindness that addresses both the reality of God’s holy justice and his reconciling love.

Dr. Moore hopes “to see a fuller message” from the Pope. He is “with Pope Francis”. Is Dr. Moore blind? Pope Francis knows nothing of God’s holy justice nor of his reconciling love.

Brethren, please consider this: if any Christian thinks that they are in “no position” to advise the bishop of Rome, then they need to solemnly evaluate their status before God. What in the world is Dr. Moore doing leading the SBC if he is in “no position” to proclaim the Gospel to and address those in “high places” of their doctrinal corruption and wickedness against God?

Every true believer is not only in a position to advise those in high places, but they are the only ones who have the authority of God to do so.

Religious leaders playing the ecumenical, politically correct, indifference-to-doctrine game are the very middle-of-the-road doctrinal pacifists who are destroying the SBC and harming local churches all over this country.

Beware the pansy.