"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. – Matthew 5:5

Meekness is the opposite of revenge, just as humility is the opposite of pride. Meekness and humility are two Christian graces that go hand in hand, and these two gifts are acquired as soon as one is truly converted to God. Meekness is also the exact opposite of ill-temper, impatience, and grumbling when things do not go to suit us. Christian meekness will not make one lukewarm. Cold indifference and unconcern are equally far removed from meekness and humility. Jesus was meek and lowly in heart (Matt. 11:29) and we must be the same or we cannot find true rest for our souls.

Meekness acts as a balance which stabilizes the soul and prevents either extreme, poverty or luxury, and translates the mind to such a disposition of truth and purity that it can endure all injustice, whether it be inflicted by inconsistencies of professing Christians or by the wickedness of ungodly worldlings. When this Christian meekness controls our mind it is usually referred to as submissiveness and it gives us grace to be content with all things that our dear Lord allows to befall us whether that be prosperity or misfortune, joy or mourning. Those who are truly meek have patience in their soul, and patience subdues all things.