Tim Keller’s Neo-Marxism


“In his best-seller, The Reason for God, Keller says that he was ‘heavily influenced by the neo-Marxist critical theory of the Frankfurt School. He writes: ‘The social activism was particulary attractive, and the critique of American bourgeoisie society was compelling’. He admits that he ‘was emotionally’ drawn to the social activism of the neo-Marxists. Keller explains that when he found a band of brothers, ’Christians who had a concern for justice in the world, things began to change for him. He looks forward to his followers being the ‘vanguard of some major new religious, social and political arrangements’. In this video we show that Keller’s political motivation is similar to the liberation theology of the Roman Catholic Church. Keller presents Jesus as a political saviour who identified with the poor and oppressed.

This video examines the political motivation of Dr Tim Keller and shows his deep fascination with the Frankfurt School of Neo-Marxism. Keller is insistent that Jesus is on the side of the poor and oppressed. Keller’s new way of looking at the Bible is little more than the old liberation theology of the Roman Catholic Church.” – E.S. Williams