Coming Up: How Dispensationalism Proclaims A False Gospel

I recently asked my astute readers a simple question:

Would anyone be interested in a list of ways that dispensationalism proclaims a false gospel? Yea? Nay?

The response by comment and email was an overwhelming “Yes!”

Ok, then. A series is underway. And you’re welcome. Clarification on the subject is much needed. I’ve begun writing already, but remember, I’ve also a sermon to prepare for. Hopefully, I’ll have the first installment up by end of week.

While I’m writing, I’d like to ask those who disagree with dispensationalism, yet support and admire John MacArthur and other dispensationalists, how it is that you can call something untrue, unbiblical, not right, even heretical…and not have the integrity and godliness before God Himself of calling the teacher of such a heretic?

Listen, many of you whom I love in Christ, have agreed publicly that what dispensationalism teaches in unbiblical, yet those who teach it are not!!!!

Guys, that just doesn’t make sense. Think about it.