Dear Visible Church

Dear Visible Church of Jesus Christ,

When the Gospel of our Lord is being assaulted by those within the visible church itself; when the precious simplicity of the Gospel is being undermined – and that by America’s most popular preachers and evangelists – then you need to wake up and stop not caring about God’s truth.

Because if you remain silent, or refuse to acknowledge that false Gospels are being presented daily by much admired preachers and evangelists, that’s the message you are sending:

You don’t care.

Put aside those popular issues like abortion, evangelism methods, discipleship strategies. Forget about the next AWANA’s meeting (which you shouldn’t be having anyway). Forget about upcoming Bible sword-drills or who’s on call for next Sunday’s nursery. Yes, set aside your affections for NCAA football.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being assaulted, distorted and perverted by some of the most popular, most admired, respected and read “ministers” in America’s history on a daily basis – and where dear reader, is your priority?

Think about it – and then re-examine your focus; re-examine the issues important to you; re-examine the issues you most want to discuss with others (because they are easy and generally accepted?); re-examine your reasons for social media; re-examine your reasons why you agree with so many when your heart tells you not to.

Re-examine your condition before God, and just how far you are willing to take your profession of faith in Jesus Christ.

When the Gospel, or its implications are being perverted and deceiving many, should we really be focused on other issues – and not directing our energies and God-given gifts – to expose those guilty of proclaiming a false Gospel!!?? Should we not warn the Church? Will you be better comforted in defending issues that do not name names of popular preachers who are indeed liars and heretics?

What say you?