A Doctrinal Cancer Within the Church

In his book, The Object and Acts of Justifying Faith, puritan Thomas Goodwin acknowledges that many who finally obtain assurance do so only after many years.

After many years? Really? After truly believing and trusting in Christ alone, we must wait and toil for something else in addition for real assurance other than knowing that God is true and what He has said and revealed in His Word is also true?

Look at this quote from Goodwin, and see if you can spot the error of puritan mysticism:

You that believe are to wait for this promise [of being sealed]…Serve your God day and night faithfully, walk humbly; there is a promise of the Holy Ghost to come and fill your hearts with joy unspeakable and glorious, to seal you up to the day of redemption. Sue this promise out, wait for it, rest not in believing only, rest not in assurance by graces only; there is a further assurance to be had.

Hint: Martyn Lloyd-Jones took up this same error and ran with it, and today’s new Calvinism is the resulting cancer eating the church from within.