How Infant Baptism Leads to Rebellion Against the Authority of Jesus Christ


The Church of Jesus Christ has not been given the authority to institute any ordinance of worship. It is strictly a divine prerogative which belongs to the Kingly office of Christ alone.

Our Lord has spoken on the matter while giving the Great Commission, the words recorded by inspiration of the Holy Spirit through the Apostles:

“teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”  – Matthew 28:20

And one thing is beyond dispute: Our Lord Jesus never, ever taught us to baptize unbelievers.

The Church itself is not divine as the Catholics would have us believe, and therefore, the Church cannot bless an ordinance not explicitly given by the Word of God. Any attempt to do so is vanity, for all of God’s ordinances – each one an act of worship –  are effectual and accomplish God’s intended purpose for them, while all ordinances instituted by men are said to be in vain. Matthew 15:9.

We have written before of the wickedness of infant baptism, giving a list of reasons it is unbiblical, how such a practice is an open defiance of God, prevents Christian unity, and how it’s continuation in practice within the Church fosters and promotes a non-Christian society. Yet, today, let us zero in on a foundational error, no, an attack, on the Word of God and assault on the authority of Jesus Christ.

God, in His mercy and grace, has provided His people, the Church, with perfect revelation of His will for the Church through His written Word to us. He did not stutter nor miscommunicate.

To practice as an ordinance given of God, that which was and is not, is to oppose the authority of the triune Godhead. The same conclusion is valid for all attempts to evade or substitute an ordinance of man for what God has commanded.

The Word of God is clear on who is to be baptized, how so, and that before baptism of a person, there must be a profession of faith. Yet the practice of infant baptism leads to rank rebellion against Jesus Christ and His command in the Great Commission to:

  1. Teach the Gospel
  2. Those who believe it are to be baptized.

These two things are to be done “to the end of the age” – period.

Who, anywhere on this earth, can make a disciple of an infant – one who can neither communicate nor understand his or her own sin and need of repentance? Impossible and absurd.

And yet, to make disciples and baptize them is the command of the King of kings and Lord of lords, He who has been given all power and all authority in heaven and on earth.

Paedobaptists rebel against this command – and against the authority of Him who gave it – by baptizing untold numbers in their infancy, without making them disciples!!!!

Every infant baptism makes each and every infant one without faith, without repentance and declared to be a member of the Church while yet an enemy of Christ. Think my brethren, if an adult came to you – without knowledge of the Gospel, without faith or repentance – would you baptize them? If you would, you are no biblical preacher and your calling came from somewhere other than God.

But to the point at hand: Our Lord and Savior requires men first believe, then baptized. Yet advocates and practitioners of infant baptism reverse our Lord’s requirement. Now, the unbelieving, untaught, undiscipled have all been baptized at your hands, in complete opposition and rebellion to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is an offense to His divinity, His authority and His headship of His own body, the Church.

Furthermore, there is no need for working toward the fulfilling of the Great Commission, because you have baptized them already while they were yet ignorant of the Gospel.

Surely, you see now how the practice of infant baptism subverts and rebels against the authority of our Lord Jesus. It dispenses of a profession of faith as a requirement of baptism which Christ has ordered. Because an infant cannot understand, nor can it make a profession of faith, you who practice infant baptism – in your arrogant rebellion against Jesus’ authority – profess the infants faith on their behalf! How dare you!!?

There are untold numbers of unregenerates in this world who place their confidence in the fact that, and have lived lives of wickedness and rebellion against God, for the precise reason that they were baptized as infants – to which you who practice such things have contributed to – and yet these same souls, if they do not come to Christ, by faith and in repentance, will be damned to Hell.

I pray those of you who practice infant baptism would come to your senses by God’s mercy and grace, and repent of such subversive activity and rebellion to the authority, yes, even the Lordship, of Jesus Christ.