Subversion of Evangelicalism

Many true believers are confused by the things they see happening in the church. Everything seems to be changing, and most changes are not for the better. Most evangelicals have seen changes in the worship and conduct of the Church over the last few decades. In many churches rock bands have replaced the organ, and most of the modern worship songs are repetitive and doctrinally shallow. T-shirts and jeans become common place in church, even among the leaders. Light hearted fun, with jokes and applause, has replaced reverence as the tone becomes increasingly casual. These changes are such that many evangelicals have difficulty in finding a church in which they can worship. The subversion of the evangelical faith is an issue that Christians need to understand. The embedded video, entitled Subversion of Evangelicalism, explains the changes that have taken place in the visible church.

This is the story of how the truth Gospel of salvation through faith in Christ has been subverted by false teaching. We discuss the higher criticism of the Bible. We see how the church growth movement and the influence of Norman Vince Peale, Robert Schuller and Rick Warren has led to a counterfeit church composed of unbeliever. We explain the new evangelicalism, the new calvinism and the Lausanne Movement. We see how the teaching of the Reformation have been undermined by the ecumenical movement. The compromised ministries of John Stott and Billy Graham are discussed. We conclude that Jonathan Edwards was right to warn that the counterfeit church posed a great threat to the true Church of Jesus Christ.