Roman Catholicism’s Most Heinous Theological Heresy

Of all that is wrong with the cult of Roman Catholicism, perhaps it may be said that the greatest heresy birthed in darkness and propagated throughout the centuries by it, is the deification of the ‘church.’

Rome claims the Church is of divine origin, and indeed, the true Church is. Yet Roman Catholicism goes much further by deifying the church, that is, claiming the church is divine, and because divine, therefore infallible.

Infallibility, of course, is a divine attribute. Clearly, no creature in this world is infallible, and making such claim, the Roman Catholic religion attempts to efface the Biblical distinction between Creator and creature from the recognition and memory of it’s followers.

Absurd and wicked as such a teaching is, it is notable that many a finite Pope and his followers have been ushered into the true infinite realm and discovered there the fallacy of such a belief.