MLK & Russell Moore’s Love Affair with Political Correctness

Russell Moore still is treating Martin Luther King, Jr. as a Christian, and that is just pathetically sad. In his latest post, he even goes so far as deriving what we may learn about preaching the Gospel from the good doctor – who was neither a doctor nor a Christian.

This is Christian leadership in the Church?? Seriously?

My comment to Russell’s blog was this:

You praise Martin Luther King, Jr. as if he were Christian, as if we should heed his words and follow his example, and yet, there is every evidence to the contrary against that assumption. Why have you not done your homework? Or is it that you merely desire to tow the line of political correctness and remain popular, rather than suffer in the cause of biblical Christianity?

I seriously doubt we will hear an answer. Career these days, is far more important than Truth before God.