Obsession of a HeartCry Missionary Continues

Update, Tuesday, 8-13-2013: I have decided that to spend any further time on this matter would neither be profitable nor edifying, to myself or anyone else. Have an outstanding day Church. Go forth, and be awesome, in and by Him.

Well, as of this evening, we are still being harassed by a [Paul Washer] HeartCry missionary. We have let it go, again and again, yet Marc Glass of HCMissions simply refuses to go away. The spectacular series of lies from this young man tonight on Twitter is simply unbelievable. This young man is obsessed with destructive behavior towards me, and it boggles the mind of anyone who has been paying attention. The “pastor”, Anthony Mathenia, is no less guilty.

Pray for my family, and pray for Marc Glass as well. For us that there be no sinful motive in my response, which is coming, Lord willing; and for Marc, that he will focus on other things rather than this sinful, obsessive harassment full of slander and lies.

For a man who is in charge as a coordinator for overseas missionary work, and an entire continent (I think) at that, this is reprehensible behavior, it is unchristian, embarrassing to HeartCry, not to mention irritating as all get out.

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Lord willing, I’ll demonstrate precisely what I mean within the next day or so.