Angry Blacks, Civil Rights & the Zimmerman Verdict


George Zimmerman was found not guilty by a jury of his peers in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Regardless of one’s opinion, that should be the end of it as a case both before the court and before the American people.

But it isn’t.

Our justice system worked, not because Zimmerman was found not guilty, but because a jury of his peers weighed the case and made a decision based on the law, and not on something else.

People are angry, and it’s not just blacks, it is also everyone who refuses to acknowledge God’s law as the ultimate authority in all things.

In fact, that is precisely why there has been such an outcry of violence in the form of protests, riots, murder and mischievousness in this country following the trial, and all of it has been done in the name – not of God and His glory – but in the name and honor of Trayvon Martin.

These are acts of idolatry.

You see brethren, the civil rights movement is not now, nor has it ever been, about equality or justice. Quite the opposite. Blacks and others who are angry about the Zimmerman verdict and who choose to riot, murder and cause acts of violence in their communities are not angry because justice was or was not done, they are angry because they did not get their way, and their way which they crave and lust after is power and control over others.

You see, law requires inequality. It always will. Punish evil, reward the good. Proponents of the civil rights movement absolutely hate that particular truth, or, at the very least, are lacking in knowledge of it.

Civil rights laws are nothing more than the attempt to dismiss God’s law and give power and control over non-blacks to blacks.

Violence over the Zimmerman case is not because America has not reached a place of racial justice. It is not because we, as a people, have failed to see our fellow human beings as equal.

It is not about equality, but power and control.

That is the goal of the civil rights movement, to hand control of one over another. That is the reason for angry blacks and others against every Caucasian soul innocently walking down the sidewalk who has been, and perhaps will be, attacked and maybe even killed over this verdict, all in the name of Trayvon Martin – and the sinfulness of men.

Those blacks who make up the majority of violent offenders perpetrating crimes over the Zimmerman verdict fail to recognize this truth: law that treats favorably blacks over whites or Hispanics, or vice-versa, ceases to be law in every sense.

Apart from the biblical truth that all men, apart from Christ, are guilty before God, law does not recognize equality. Not in Scripture, not in America. Neither the kingdom of God or of men.