Missionaries Gone Wild

Very recently, while my family was out of state on vacation in South Carolina, two members of the Paul Washer church plant (which we once attended and from which I withdrew my family from over doctrinal and behavioral issues) drove approximately 35 miles, one way, to my church family for a Sunday evening service.

They had no interest in studying the book of Ephesians. Their intentions were neither Christian nor honorable – far from it. What occurred there on that evening was despicable and has made my wife afraid. Because of what they have done, and because of the continued harassment since withdrawing my family from their “fellowship,” I will be writing.

Their sinful, childish, public actions call for a firm rebuke. Two things I ask of you. First, pray for me, that my words are not written in anger and that they be seasoned with grace. Salt if you will. Secondly, that the Church will be benefited by our experience in God’s providence. I have wanted to avoid this for quite some time, but after months of harassment, and especially this most recent, unbelievable stunt, I don’t think the annoyance will stop if I remain silent. In addition, being stalked is not a good thing, and that is what they are doing. When these young men affect my family and my church family, they have crossed many lines. Please pray…and pack a lunch.