Modern Day Janissaries–Are You Raising One?


In the 14th century Turkish administrators would scour their regions for sons of the Sultan’s Christian subjects. These boys, usually between the ages of 10 and 12, were taken from their Christian parents, and given to the Turkish families to learn the customs and rules of Islam. They were supervised 24 hours a day, and kept from contact with their families. They were given training to become solders and placed under control of the Sultan. This was intended to ensure that they were loyal only to the Sultan, and hence the empire. They were called Janissaries.

Although many of the recruits were taken forcibly, some were given by their parents voluntarily, since their parents were eager to have their children enroll in the Janissary service which promised them a successful career and comfort.

A similar situation exists today. Currently 90% of Christian parents place their children in the pagan public (government) school system to be indoctrinated in the religion of Secular Humanism. Consequently, when these children reach maturity they become modern day Janissaries working in the legislature, education, media, and other vocations where they perpetuate a secular worldview rather than the Christian values which their parents embraced. A recent study by Geo. Barna ( reported that less than 10% of Christian adults and only 51% of pastors have a Christian worldview!

The Public (government) school system:

  • Destroys Christian faith
  • Produces pitiful academic results
  • Is an unsafe environment
  • Indoctrinates children to accept homosexuality as a normal alternative lifestyle.
  • Encourages sexual promiscuity. Via sex-ed classes
  • Drugs six million children which destroys creativity and mental function.

Horace Mann and John Dewey, founders of our public school system, openly expressed their hatred for Christianity, and worked to destroy the existing education system that taught youth to reverence God,

Education, in any subject, should create reverence of God, and how His majesty is revealed in all areas of life. Teaching should instill a proper fear of rebelling against God’s order and purpose in every area of life. Sadly, our public schools teach subjects with an anti-Christian bias, and are devastating our children. It is a cancer eating at the soul of America, and is responsible for 90% of America’s problems.

Get your kids out!

– Dr. Robert Dreyfus, from the Baptist Banner, Vol. XXVI, No. 6, June/July 2013