John Weaver: The Biblical Doctrine of Self-Defense

Pastor, Firearms Instructor & Author, Weaver puts constitutional issues into a biblical perspective.

This video is an excellent presentation.

Did you know that in early America, a pastor often had the finest firearm in the community, and usually preached with it resting behind the pulpit? Would to God it were so today. When God says thou shalt not kill [unjustly] (the negative) He is saying thou shalt preserve life (the positive side of the commandment) Thou shalt not kill includes preserving life.

If I allow others, or myself, to be unjustly harmed, it is a violation of the 6th commandment. If we do not defend ourselves, we are not preserving our lives. If we don’t preserve our lives, we are violating the 6th commandment. If you see another being harmed, and you do nothing, you are as guilty before God as the one committing the crime. Silence of a sin is two sins. The Bible requires us to protect the lives of our neighbors animals. How much more then should we defend neighbors lives when threatened?

You are responsible to preserve life. Your own, family and neighbors. To do so, you must have the tools to preserve and defend. Every Christian has the absolute, biblical responsibility to be armed to the teeth. God says if you are deprived of your weapons, you cannot properly defend yourself, your family, or anyone else. I Samuel 13:19-20.

Since we have a biblical responsibility to preserve life, we have an absolute biblical responsibility to be a well-armed society.

Get guns, brethren, and learn to use them responsibly – and accurately – to the justice and the glory of God.