The Compromised John Piper

piper-desiring-godDesiring God is not really a book about having joy in God, it is a call for all Christians to become hedonists. In so much as the book has only secular philosophy, edited creeds, and misinterpreted scripture supporting it, the philosophy of “Christian Hedonism” is truly unworthy of further attention by the church and is fully inappropriate to be embraced from a Sunday morning pulpit. Unfortunately, men are always intrigued by what appears to be new. A false doctrine is always more exciting than orthodox theology. And men are often far quicker to embrace the new and exciting error than the old and familiar truth; which makes this new philosophy so alluring and popular in the modern church. This reviewer strongly recommends that young Christians avoid this book, and its subject-philosophy altogether.’ – C.W. Booth

[Note John MacArthur’s endorsement of ‘Christian Hedonism’ at the bottom of the book cover: “A soul-stirring celebration of the pleasures of knowing God….A must-read for every Christian and a feast for the spiritually hungry.” ]

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