The Only Way to Peace and Unity

Unfortunately, the Church has not always taken the pains nor effort to distinguish between the true and the false church. We live in an age of evangelical pacifism, of comfort and lethargy, and a time when this very need to act accordingly, and distinguish between the two, is of the utmost importance.

In this day of ecumenical thinking, there is no excuse for a “do-nothing” policy.

The Church universal must have the courage to refuse to recognize those local organizations who have self-styled themselves as “churches” while denying such cardinal truths as the virgin birth, the Trinity, and that Jesus is right now King of kings and Lord of lords, the latter of which every church teaching dispensationalism stands guilty.

Modernism, liberalism and dispensationalism are educational enemies of the Church of Jesus Christ. They must be exposed and condemned. Of course, if they were, then almost every denomination within Christianity, every local church, would be thrown into incredible controversy. Many would rather avoid such an atmosphere.

Then again, if the Church desires unity and peace, the first order of business is to destroy the false peace and false unity, in order to establish the true by total dependence on and teaching of the Word of God alone.

Exposure and destruction of the false is the only way in which the true can be made clear, believed and established. May God by His grace make it so.