Just A Few Will Be Saved

Most people believe it is an easy thing to get to heaven. Look at how most people live their lives. Watch how they react to God’s man, the preacher, who is truly proclaiming God’s Word.

Look how many say ‘Amen!’ to Sola Scriptura, yet deny it with their lives as a rule of life.

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no truth to base the belief that most people are going to heaven. It’s truly just wishful thinking.

There is only one truth – “Thus saith the Lord.” Faith comes by hearing and that by the Word of God.

Only a few, very few, will be saved.

Look at Noah, Sodom and Gomorrah. For crying out loud, only a handful of fisherman listened to Jesus.

When I look at the visible church today, there is little hope that the majority of members are actually saved.

Set aside those who live in open sin. They never wrestle with sin, they walk the same way as the unsaved world: enjoying worldly entertainment, lying, cheating, hating, seeking to destroy others by character assassination, etc.

Set aside those who don’t have time for worship. They may be on the membership role yet they never darken the door of the house of worship.

Set aside the ones who actually come to church but it is just a ritual for them. There is no interest in learning, no hunger or thirst for righteousness.

Set aside the ones who allow the pressure of the world to smother their faith. They cannot, will not, take a stand for God’s doctrine. Even if they go to church, have a desire to learn and enjoy fellowship.

Separate these, and you have few left.

The Lord stands ready to forgive the chief of sinners but the world does not want to believe the Bible; and man, religious and often in ‘ministry’, is proud and he is worldly, and lost.