The Primacy of the Church

Charles Spurgeon:

You know how heartily I rejoice in the preaching of Christ anywhere. But there is a lack in all this labour; the corn is sown, but there is nobody to see to it afterwards; nobody to gather it in. The way in which all this ought to be carried on is, not by Associations, but by the Church. The Church of God is the true mother of converts; it is from her womb that they must be born, and at her breast they must suck, and on her knees must they be dandled. Those who go about and speak lightly of church fellowship, and would have all Christians maintain themselves in separateness from the Churches, do mischief, and are unwittingly the agents of evil; for the Church is, under God, a great blessing to the world; and union with the church is intended to be a method of confession which is not to be neglected. 520.402