HeartCry Missionary Accusation

Marc Glass

Updated June 8, 2013. Marc refuses to name one slander or lie in the combox as requested (please see comment policy for further info – blog rules exist for good reasons commonly understood). Just baiting and stirring up strife using social media. Avoid such men. I see no benefit in it and consider the matter closed.

Updated June 7, 2013. I originally entitled this post HeartCry Missionary Whining, but that was inaccurate. This is a public accusation, towards myself, of public sins of “slander and lies”, and will be dealt with as such. 

Marc Glass of HeartCry Missionary Society is, apparently, dead set on going public with accusations of alleged “slander and lies”  by me toward HeartCry Missionary Society, Paul Washer and/or Christ Church Radford (formerly known as Radford Fellowship, the Paul Washer/HeartCry church plant.)

I have no idea why.

He’s made no private contact (and he knows my number), no attempt at a private discussion; no attempt at listing or specifying said slander and lies.  Just causing trouble, taking a shot at dragging my name through the mud. Considering the source and influence, it deserves a response. Such a public accusation is not to be taken lightly, and I do not.


(Update: Marc has deleted his tweets since yesterday [I wonder why?] , so I’ve posted my RT of his original accusation below.)

Bring it Marc. Stop the childish yammer. Name my slander, and name my lies against HeartCry Missionary Society, Paul Washer and/or Christ Church Radford. Present your accusations here, right here. I’ll post them. You want public attention? Now you’ve got it. If you are going to accuse someone of something publicly, at least have a spine and itemize the alleged sins. Show some integrity and name the lies and slander, if you can, young man. If you do not and remain silent, then one can only conclude that the public accusation by yourself is one without foundation and baseless.

Otherwise, let’s move on, shall we?