Incredible Video of Oklahoma Tornado, May 31, 2013

Yesterday, May 31, multiple tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma and storm chasers were right in the middle of it, literally. The video below is pretty incredible.  On another note, I find it ironic that these guys are known as storm chasers when, in this case, exactly who is chasing who?

Some “choice” words are used on occasion, so be advised.

Here is the timeline of the video:

“ storm chaser Brandon Sullivan and his chase partner Brett Wright got caught in the tornado and slammed with debris northwest of Union City, OK as the tornado hit a barn and exploded in front of them.

Clip 1 and Clip 2: Twin Tornadoes form over open field. Tornado is back lit with great nat sound audio of Brandon describing what is happening.

Clip 3: Interior shots of chasers trying to escape the tornado and screaming to get out of the way as the inflow of the storm pulls them back.

Clip 4: Time Code 1:40:21 POV Camera out of front of the vehicle of the most incredible footage ever caught by an UN-Armored chase vehicle. The tornado hits a farm and throws debris into the air. Sheet metal hits the front of the vehicle and another vehicle goes past them and flys into the air and into the ditch.

After the SUV fly’s past them on the left, a massive hay bail smashes into the front of there Jeep as they continue to drive to try to get out of the heart of the tornado.

Clip 5 Time Code: 3;11;06 Different POV Camera of what just happened in Clip 4 but with a wider shot. Footage shows debris smashing their windshield.
Clip 6 Time Code 3:37;28 Interior Camera of everything that just happened inside of their vehicle.