How Infant Baptism Prevents Christian Unity

infant baptism 4

Jesus prayed:

Holy Father, keep them in your name, which you have given me, that they may be one, even as we are one. – John 17:11

The desire of Jesus Christ is that we be united as one; one in standing against sin; one in being separated from the world; one in being united in love in defense of God’s Word and His Truth as revealed in Jesus Christ Himself.

As long as infant baptism remains a practice, that can never be.

Our Lord has prayed and given us the imperative that we stand as one, yet, as long as infant baptism is practiced, there exists those who oppose our Lord’s prayer and will, and thus, manifest an evil intent, and continue to practice an evil thing altogether.

God is one, we are not, and we are not, because those who practice infant baptism reject God’s Word as authoritative. Yes, we may be “united” by way of ecumenicism, but that is not what our Lord desires.

Christian unity while allowing such an opposition to our Lord’s command, is nothing short of treason. Christian unity is demanded by the Gospel and honors the truth of God’s Word, all else is compromise and unity by way of some other standard than the Word of God.

Do you hold and believe in infant baptism? Then you destroy all opportunity of Christian unity. You govern your local church, if you are spiritual leader, by some other standard than God’s Word, and place more weight on tradition of your denomination or desire of those willing to swallow a lie. You have exchanged God’s Word for a man-made, man-contrived law to establish church membership, without the ordination and approval of God.

You who practice infant baptism offend the Bride of Christ, ignore the prayer of Jesus Christ, and offend the Christ Himself.

To admit that infant baptism offends me as well, is unnecessary, but it does. The practice of it opposes the unity of the Bride of Christ, demands diversity in true religion and thereby perverts and soils the doctrines of Christianity, making unity an impossibility.