Not Your Daddy’s Star-Spangled Banner


Madison Rising is a band on a mission: “to not only make great music, but also send a message that American culture is alive and well.”

I’m all for patriotism, to a point, that is, but I’m not so sure about ‘American culture’. That’s a pretty broad brush and includes many things I’m sure most readers would be glad to see dead on arrival.

I can understand the bands desire to keep patriotism alive, but sometimes there’s a fine line between patriotism and idolatry. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with loving your country.

After all, as Americans, we’ve been given much, much Gospel light, and more privileges than we sometimes realize. We still, as bad as things are, have more privileges than many other countries. We have, for the most part, multiple copies of God’s Word in our homes. God has blessed America in ways that should make us incredibly thankful, and yet, it seems our nation is drowning in apathy, taking far, far too much for granted.

Are we living according to the Gospel light we’ve been given? according to the daily mercies shown us? Americans have truly been blessed in the past, and like Israel, has hardened its heart against God. Like Israel of old, are we as Americans provoking God by neglecting our privileges and being ungrateful for daily mercies? I think so.

Patriotism is not a bad, nor even a sinful thing, unless of course, it takes the place of God. One thing is certain: neglecting what we’ve been given and blessed with as a country cannot be pleasing to God. Those blessings and mercies, the continual supply of grace surely deserves grateful hearts and outpourings of thankfulness from His Church to Him who is the giver of all things.

Star-Spangled Banner: