“The” Issue Facing Evangelicals

The corporate unity of Christendom is not the burning issue of these times. The real issue is the survival of the truth—that is, the assertion of the Holy Scriptures of Old and New Testaments, as the Divine Word, exclusive, unique, verbally inspired (for there is no other form of inspiration possible), the Christian’s only and all-sufficient rule of faith and practice. On this basis the evangelical will unite with any person who sincerely holds to the historic and apostolic Christian faith. On any other basis he will unite with no-one, for he regards the subversion of faith in the Bible as the subversion of the Christian faith, and the betrayal of his only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, to whom be all the glory, dominion, honour, power and blessing, world without end.

– Charles D. Alexander, Ten Reasons Why We Reject Church Unity Proposals