Check Mate to Dan Phillips, Frank Turk, Phil Johnson & John MacArthur

It’s been almost a year since I asked this question to these Christian “leaders” and the response has been nada. Zilch. Nothing. In fact, these sages of wisdom have blocked me on twitter and facebook. That’s ok, I don’t mind that. The fact is, I have asked an honest, valid, question to a teaching that is being publicly taught, defended or they remain silent on; a teaching, no less, that undermines the Gospel.

Dan is a dispensationalist, Frank is an amillennialist and Phil Johnson is the right-hand man of John MacArthur, obviously a dispensationalist.

All of these guys refuse to answer a simple question regarding salvation. Ever wonder why?

They have publicly refused to answer, giving all kinds of self-righteous, pharisaical reasons, but the bottom line is, they refuse to answer.

Today, Dan Phillips:

Not surprisingly, Dan has never, ever tried to ‘reason’ with me, because he refuses to address the question. Dan has communicated with me via social media only with insults, never Christian reasoning.

Today, Frank Turk:

Frank, as usual, is too busy building a religious career and, of course, blocks anyone he can’t answer. Status quo ignorance. No surprise there. His response to questions he cannot answer with Scripture are the usual fare of insults, sarcasm and wicked, prideful comments designed to deceive young minds to lead them into the religious ditch where he leads them.

The reason they will not respond, of course, is because they cannot. If they tried, they would expose themselves as opposing sola scriptura.

Brethren, God’s Word is the final and sole authority, and these men want you to accept something outside of that, a teaching that undermines the Gospel itself.

John MacArthur is no exception.

Check mate.

Cowards, every one of them.