A Call to Diligence in Christian Blogging

Today, popular blogger Tim Challies promotes a book by John Stott, a man who believed the lineage of our Lord Jesus Christ came from monkeys. Of course, Tim is still (as usual) pushing popular fruitcakes like C. S. Lewis.

Carl Trueman refers to the Roman Catholic cult as Christian.

Justin Taylor of The Gospel Coalition continues to promote Dr. Lloyd-Jones (a man whose ministry I admire) without ever – anywhere on the blog –  mentioning his departure from Biblical doctrine, of promoting “second blessing” theology and being used somewhat as a launching pad to ministries of new Calvinism, like Mark Driscoll.

Blogging is frustrating, no doubt. There are critics at every IP address.

No, I’m not perfect and no, I certainly don’t know everything and again, no, I do not as I’ve been accused on occasion, simply desire that everyone “think like me”.

No. As Christians we are about the Truth as it is in Christ Jesus. God’s written Word is the final authority in all things. That being so, I pray and hope that Christian leaders and bloggers would be more diligent in their proclamations regarding truth and Church helpfulness, and more discerning of those whom they promote to feed the Church of Jesus Christ – and far less concerned about the impressions and reputations of themselves in doing so.