6 Things You Need to Understand on ‘being led by the Spirit’


  1. You are not one of the Apostles of Scripture. Neither am I.
  2. The prophets and apostles were many times led by God by real, dramatic manifestations of Himself, by visions, etc. You and I are not, ever.
  3. The complete instructions for the Church – for guidance and growth – God has written down. God speaks through the written pages of Scripture.
  4. Jude 1:3 tells us that Scripture and the Christian faith which has been put in writing, was delivered once for all time. The Greek word is hapax, once, one time and conclusively.
  5. What is written in the Bible is sufficient to all that is needed for life and godliness. What more could you need when God has given you all that is necessary?
  6. There is no situation, at any time in your life, when the written Word of God is not sufficient and addresses whatever challenge or trouble it is you are facing.

Often times I have heard believers, in all sincerity no doubt, speaking such things as The Lord led me to:

  • Speak to the way you chew your food
  • Be a missionary in Peru
  • Start a business in dry cleaning
  • Ask you to marry me
  • Witness to that guy in the restaurant wearing the plaid shirt
  • Rebuke you for wearing white after September
  • Start a blog

Whatever. No matter what one has been moved to believe, feels, has an urge to do, it doesn’t matter what emotional inclinations you have, if it is not in accordance with Scripture, I urge you to be very careful.

In other words, it is Biblically impossible and a vain imagination on anyone’s part to think that:

  • God told you to go to a specific country as a missionary.
  • Marry a certain man or woman.
  • Start a particular type of business
  • Witness to anyone wearing a particular type of clothing
  • Rebuke anyone for how they chew food.
  • Venture into a specific realm of entrepreneurship


Being led by the Spirit of God is to be led by God’s written word with the motivation of glorifying Him, not justifying your actions by some Biblically unsubstantiated, holy fancy.

You have no need in reality to look beyond the written word of God. You will not receive a “personal word” or “new revelation” whatsoever – not from God. Another spirit perhaps, an unholy one.

The desire of some Christians to have something new, fresh and personal demonstrates a lack of trust in God, His Word and in the faith once for all time delivered to the saints – written down and described – one of the most vital aspects of the Christian faith – the sufficiency of Scripture alone.