Too Much Tebow


Well, I waited. I tried to ignore the whole thing, because really, I just didn’t care. But, the blogosphere became all ablaze with Tim Tebow and his cancellation to speak at First Baptist of Dallas. Then, Dr. Jeffress responded publically.

If I were politically correct and a bootlicker, I would rave and heap praises on the following video by Pastor Jeffress .

But, I’m not. Totally not. And the pandering and name dropping going on in this response by Jeffress is quite frankly, sickening.

My objections?

  1. Referencing Tim Tebow speaking as a “new beginning” at FBC, Dallas.
  2. Pandering to the congregation and the public.
  3. Pandering, and more pandering.

Where in Scripture is the pulpit to be exchanged for a popular cultural speaker not a pastor? How it is that Tim Tebow, an athlete, can cause this much ruckus is shameful. Over a pulpit appearance? What is the Church thinking?

All this name dropping makes me want to vomit- CNN, TMZ, bragging on all the sports channels he’s appeared on.

Worse. Jeffress states outright that Tebow, his fame and influence is “What all this is about" i.e.,  a chance to establish a platform to the world and share the Gospel. What a sham. He may as well be a hip-hop artist like Lecrae.

This video response is more about promotion of FBC Dallas than anything else.

Tim Tebow is too much of a concern. It is sad that the Church would give him so much importance and focus. He is not our Paraclete, the Holy Spirit is. Let Tim play football, and let men called of God to preach remain the only ones in the pulpit.

Articles have been written because of this latest cultural EMP by the most public of figures and agencies. But why?

Al Mohler writes:

All that changed yesterday when Tebow, the National Football League’s most prominent evangelical symbol, sent word through Twitter that he was withdrawing from the event. His sudden announcement came after a whirlwind of controversy over his scheduled appearance at the Dallas church.”

Most prominent evangelical symbol? He’s a football player!! Why the whirlwind of controversy? Who cares? Al, are you just being relevant and popular?

“The controversy threatened to dominate Tebow’s life, so the 25-year-old athlete withdrew, attempting to escape his predicament.”

Because you make him such a big deal. And he’s not Al. He’s just not a big deal, stop making him one, please.

For Denny Burk:

The bottom line for every Christian is this. We cannot escape the coming conflict. It is upon us. If we are going to be faithful to Christ, we have to be willing to take our lumps. This is not an esoteric philosophical controversy. Nor is it another irrelevant blogosphere dispute. Our faithfulness to Christ on this issue will cost us in real life social capital, in real life employment opportunities, and in a myriad other ways. The public space for Christian sexual morality is shrinking, and religious liberty will eventually be redefined to exclude us. There will be no hiding on this issue, and there will be a price to pay. Are you ready?

For me:

What’s really going to cost the Church is placing too much emphasis on the importance and relevance of figures, like athletes, as substitutes in the pulpits, for men called of God, to proclaim the whole council of God. Tim Tebow is not one. There is too much Tim Tebow and his relevance in the minds of professing Christians.

But, it’s happening, and increasing. God help us. Has Jeffress ever, and I mean ever, in public, ever called anyone to the carpet for preaching heresy? Oh no…not at all. Again, I wonder why, but not really.

The saddest part of this video? This:

"As long as I am the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, we are not going to kneel before the altar of political correctness and convenience, we’re gonna stand up and boldly proclaim the grace of God, and the truth of God without compromise so help me God. That is my committment."

Not going to kneel…without compromise?

Doctor Jeffress, you just did.