Persecuted Church Seeing Angels?

angelic messenger

It was another Sunday. My family arrived to our meeting place of worship on time, maybe a little early. We took our usual seats.

This Sunday would be a little different. It would include a presentation of the purposes of a particular missionary society and a special speaker from a foreign land. He would not be preaching, but rather giving his testimony and recounting for us his experiences as a Christian in the underground church in his homeland.

I was intrigued and, I admit, I wanted to know more about his country and ministry. I also admit that I would miss the preaching the most.

Surrounded by hipsters, some in pajamas, sandals and mussed hair was typical for this come-as-you-are, we-won’t-judge-you, missonary-minded congregation. There were fans of certain attendees and speakers at this fellowship, some of whom had moved from clear across the country just to be there on a regular basis.

The man speaking had experienced ‘persecution’ in various ways, and during the course of his presentation, he mentioned that, as he was being followed by his persecutors on the streets one day, he saw angels on rooftops.

That’s right, he saw angels. So he says.

I didn’t buy into it at all, call me a Baptist. In fact, the moment he said it, emotionally spoken as it was, I tilted my head, rolled my eyes and looked at my wife with that “Why are we here?” look. She got the message.

The guy behind me let out a huge sigh at my reaction, and mumbled something, but I ignored it.

After the ‘service’ was dismissed, the guy behind me let me know his thoughts about the presentation and my reaction to the angel thing.

He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “The persecuted church sees things we do not.”

Really? I don’t think so. Where is that in the Word of God? There are no more apostles, the canon is closed and nowhere do I see precept, principle or instruction of any kind that tells me that the persecuted church will see things other believers do not. It’s not in there. It’s just not in the Bible folks.

But, that’s the attitude and beliefs of reformed charismatics. I imagine the thinking is even more dangerous when it comes from a well known, highly influential, celebrity missionary.

The congregation was Radford Fellowship (now Christ Church Radford). The guy behind me who said this to me was Paul Washer of HeartCry Missionary Society.

I don’t think the Church today realizes just what a danger it is, mixing Calvinism with Charismatic belief.

There is great danger. It leads to great error in theology and life, and that can never be a good thing for the Church.